How To Make Chicken Teriyaki

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  • Family guy chicken fight reference

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  • Imagine how hard it is for them to clean up

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  • 1:27

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  • You call that teriyaki? At the end it was spaghetti

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  • 2:21 Know i know how he clean it

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  • I was gonna skip the advertisement, but the hits made me wait.

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  • Spagheti Bologniese

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  • 0:24 This Video Is Sponsored By Honey*

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  • Oh is not chicken rice This is spaghetti

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  • By Ønnichãnnn

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  • Meanwhile in africa *kid lies in bed at night on an empty stomach with a tear rolling from their eye because they're so hungry & they feel as if their's nothing they can do. While kids in America be like; foodfight

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    • Egg

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