How To Make The Perfect Roast

Today I show you how to make the perfect roast. This roast is so quick & easy to make! Simply follow the step by step instructions. You can use this technique to roast beef, pork, chicken, lamb or even tofu! - Exact same technique, just swap out the beef for your favourite meat. This is the exact same method that Gordon Ramsay & Jamie Oliver use in their 5 star restaurants. Enjoy!
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  • I hope you enjoyed this quick & easy recipe. Don't forget you can still grab shirts and egg plushies from All funds will go towards making future videos

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  • The truth is that this is actually the very beginning and this single mistake is what caused him to pledge war against the world.

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  • People asking other people if they watch the full video. Me, yesterday: watched a full 5 hour video non stop

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  • 1:02:00 I just skip 10 seconds and 1:02:10 this is what I see ;-;

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  • I don't think he dropped the roast intentionally

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  • Wow we had to wait for an hour for the food to cook I had to go all the way to 1 hour

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  • 37:18 hmm it seems that htb is saying something but its muffled sp thats super creepy now i'm gonna have nightmares about this