How To Make Chicken Enchiladas

Today I show you how to make authentic chicken enchiladas. This Mexican enchilada recipe is incredibly easy to follow and incredibly delicious. Brought to you straight from Mexico - This traditional enchiladas recipe will go down a treat. This recipe will make shredded chicken enchiladas. Prefer beef or vegetarian enchiladas? No problem! Simply substitute the chicken. Enjoy!
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  • Imagine a mom trying to make this clicks on this XD

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  • McDonalds: how may I help you HowToBasic: I would like a burger, fries, and a drink McDonalds: is that all? HowToBasic: umm could you put cilantro in it McDonalds: excuse me?

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  • This gives me ptsd of 2nd grade, here's the whole story. For festivities such as Christmas and sometimes halloween we used to make these party things at school. The kids would bring food the teacher ordered them from their house into school. In this party we wanted to eat tacos (yes, im mexican) so, we had to bring the meat. But the lazy-ass moms didn't actually bring anything. Me and a few other kids were the only ones who actually got the ingredients that the teacher ordered us. So we only had very little meat to work with, but a hell ton of coriander. So, the kids' parents figured out a solution. To save meat they put only a small piece of it with a ton of coriander. So the tacos were basically just coriander. It was horrible. I even had to resort to putting sauce in the tacos, take in mind back then i didn't tolerate spicy food. From that day on i dislike coriander.

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