How To Remove a Carpet Stain

Today I show you how to remove any carpet stain. This stain removal technique will remove ALL stains - no matter how big they are, and no matter what they are. Accidentally spilled some red wine on your white carpet? Don't worry! Follow the step by step instructions and the stain will disappear in seconds!
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    • @SukkiiYukkii anytime always happy to help happy Thanksgiving

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    • @Bailey McCoy this works! Tysm!

      SukkiiYukkiiSukkiiYukkiiPirms 5 dienām
    • @SukkiiYukkii okay here's how to remove the blood stain Start with baby steps put cold water over the stain if it's large dab from the outside in with cold water keep rubbing the stain until it is completely removed if the stain is still there mix salt and water until it becomes a paste rub it into the stain with a towel let it sit for about 15 minutes blot the stain until it is removed vacuum the area to remove the salt residue Hope was helpful please let me know if it works

      Bailey McCoyBailey McCoyPirms 5 dienām
    • @Bailey McCoy and it’s a natural fiber Carpet

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    • @Bailey McCoy it’s made of nylon

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