How To Survive a Shark Attack

Today I show you how to survive a shark attack. Everyone needs to be aware of these shark attack self defence tips. Thousands of people are attacked each year by sharks in Australia alone - Sadly some of them don't make it. We can all help reduce that number by passing this video around. Ensure everyone's prepared for the worst case scenario. Sharks may seem tough, but if you know what steps to take to defend yourself against them I can assure you - You will get out unscathed. This video has everything you need to know about shark attack avoidance, as well as what to do in the event of a shark striking you.
Help me reduce the number of shark related fatalities!
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Know someone that likes swimming in the ocean? For their own safety & well being you should link them to this video. It might save their life.



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    • To Survive You Have to Kick The Shark Eyes

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  • Sharks dont normally attack humans they only attack when annoyed or threatened or think ur a seal or lion fish, common prey species, there are 450 shark species. Most are harmless, the mako,blue,great hammerhead, tiger, whitetip and great white are the only dangerous ones, and they rarely attack. 10 people a year are eaten by sharks, other animals are dangerous. The lemon shark is a very friendly shark, and are happy to swim near humans and only attack people who deliberately annoyed them

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