How To Make a Chicken Kiev

Today I show you how to make a delicious Chicken Kiev.
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    • But you probably break all the eggs before you plushies them

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  • I think they meant kievian chicken.

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  • instructions unclear ukraine has now declared war on me

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  • How did you get your second channel more subscribers than the main one

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  • I live 140 km from Kiev

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  • Vsauce doesn't live in Australia, he's American. this can only mean it is someone else...

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  • can younshow your face please

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  • * sad Ukrainian noises *

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  • Lol im From Kiev and I know place to make a great ckicken in Kiev This place is Puzata hata

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  • You are so funny keep up the good work

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  • I still don't believe Vsauce is HowToBasic

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  • imagine going into a pool and seeing naked man beating the chicken underwater

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  • Gordon Ramsai Dream's be like: 2:48

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  • Wow wow wow Is the guy of Vsauce guy, is HowToBasic

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  • I know howtobasic isn’t Vsauce

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  • why did he kill the chicken now no more eggs:(

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  • I knew it it was vsuase

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  • How do you find covering food all over your body fun? I dont even use my fingers whenever my burger looks soggy.

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  • One Third of the video was an Ad.

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  • well hes cookinh skill is better than mine

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  • 2:42 that quiet drum beating sounds familiar to rick roll

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  • Wait a second v sauce is how to basic

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  • HowToBasic you are not good

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  • As a Ukrainian, I can confirm that this is how we make Chicken Kiev

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  • Karena always saying “who is howtobasic” but never “how is howtobasic” 😿

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  • He lives in Australia. Filthy Franks's dad is Australian. HTB= D A D D Y This is a joke don't attack me ._.

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  • Fuck this shit

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    • Why are you saying that

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  • wtf

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  • Ля, котлета по Київськи вийшла за межі України.

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  • How to make an egg

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  • no fck off, how to basic is 2 arms and 2 legs only

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  • We all know how it’s gonna end

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  • Слава Україні

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  • 31% of the video: E G G 69% of the video:U know what-

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  • *confused Life Of Boris noises*

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  • Just lost 3 minutes of my life

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  • Jump to 1:37 to see the start of the cooking.

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  • Vsauce... GTFO OF THIS VIDEO

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    • He's howtobasic, how is he going to do that

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  • Imagine if he has a kid and asks for chicken Kiev and did this

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  • Why you should do your merchant with egg XD HAHAHHA that was so funny XD

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  • That is actually the recipe but more parsley, you coat it more with breadcrumbs, deep fry for 5 minutes, and then bake for like 30-40 minutes

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    • Search up howtobasic face reveal

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  • Every Time, You make a Huge Mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • My point being in the end he makes a crazy new way of making the food he is making and it always involves making a mess. That is what I mean. He also loves to make messes with Eggs because we all know he loves eggs.

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    • What’s your point

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  • I knew this was going to be fake but I didn’t know what A kiev was anyway

  • Ш вщтэе пуе ше.

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  • I buyed the merch and it's legit how he showed in the video 🤣🙄

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  • Educational indeed

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  • 2:37 made me cringe so hard

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  • HowToBasic: cook the Fluffy little fella Me: c.a.n.i.b.a.l.i.s.m

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  • Why vsauce?

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  • “How to make a chicken kiev” Me: Just murder HowToBasic’s fav chicken and stuff with garlic ->-

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  • После этого видео, в Украинском поезде начался сущий кошмар...

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  • This man is making the local grocery store's payday come early

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    • Why would you say that? He’s trying to make money to make a living dude. How would you feel if you got shut down?

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  • Spoiler alert: warrun is howtobasic

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