How To Plant a Tree

Today I show you how to plant a tree. Planting a tree is incredibly easy to do - it only takes a couple minutes - and you only need a few basic items. Don't have the time to plant a tree? No worries! For every dollar donated to a tree will be planted for you - by professionals. So what are you waiting for? Let's plant 20 million trees before 2020!
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Know someone that likes trees? Show them how to plant one!



  • Don't have the time to plant trees? No worries! For every dollar donated to a tree will be planted on your behalf. Let's change the world!

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    • a better fight than anime I'm from Brazil

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    • There a twomad

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    • I feel like all of the trees that he will plant will just go to war

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  • 0:37 he sounds like spongebob

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    • 0:36

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  • Fruit

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  • Fun fact: this video was used on our school beacuse the teacher thought it was a legit video

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  • Mud + eggs = ______________

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  • I am confused that between them, who the hell is HowToBasic?

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    • A crazy man, lol

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  • now this is geting more weird for me ;-;

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  • well is actually like this V 2.Put 1 seed in the pot 1.add soil 3. add some water 4. When the tree have grown "as you can see the tree suppose to be little" 5.take the tree carefully 6. add to the soil "NOT pot" and u have to wait. idk if this is right Xd

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  • 1:18 I lost it I never laugh soo hard I shat myself

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  • Lol

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  • Ha I didnt know Beautiful Twomad was here

  • wut

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  • Nice tree

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  • Forest spirit be like:

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  • b*tch Ass thought this was real until i see the egg in da pot

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  • What's the music of this video?

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  • MrBeast would be proud

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  • Top 10 anime battle

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  • I have absolutely no words for this.

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  • How to bath

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  • I would like to see just how much HowToBasic spends in eggs for one average video.

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  • I'm on board for The Tree Stooges.

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  • 1:35 EAT IT!! Me:*Laughs Frickin Hard*

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  • I dont know whats your problem you need to stop using eggs for everything,and you are destroiyng in place to do something

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  • #savethetrees

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  • I am groot, grooty grooty groot

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  • tree fight!! :D

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  • 1:23 top 5 most epic anime fighting

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  • That's how so easy to plant a tree >>

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  • LOL

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  • He pouring a PORE seed 2:22

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  • What the #### 0:29 Or click on the 🤌 to plant a bigger seed

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    • Thank you tho... 0:47

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  • @~@

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  • Tree fight

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  • i liked when there was a random guy walking over at 1:42

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  • #TeamTrees

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  • that make me laugh

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  • Mrbeast: Let it grow let it grow like it dis so long ago plant a seed inside the earth just one way to know its worth Howtobasic: Naaaah i say let it die let it die let it die let it shrivel up and die

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  • Next:save the water

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  • All the vids they just throw eggs

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  • I could have sworn he said something in Japanese in 0:35 - 0:36. if he did what was it?

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  • LOL planting a tree is not dangerous...

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  • Http://

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  • Human trees :D But is trees can move :D

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  • 1$= 1 egg

  • guys here's HTB face reveal

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  • the tree revolution has begun

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  • 日本語のコメント書きたい人返信によろ

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  • Trees fighting would be like

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  • 1:31 Funniest clip I've seen

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  • The egg was brilliant compost manure, the trees grew healthy and strong

  • All hail the Twomad Tree

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  • after this video, there was mrbeast` s "planting 20million trees video

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  • this is gay

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    • Just like you

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  • Howtobasic thé ennemi of rhe tree

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  • Wow an actual family friendly video, nice!

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  • TREE WAR 2019

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  • Y. Tanmienporquenosesvideosdi. Betido

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  • Fun fact egg shells are actually usefull for plants

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  • Step 1:eggs and dee others

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  • It’s like World War Tree!

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  • He killed my brother

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  • 1:54 POV: *U R in Brazil*

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  • 1:48 My tree will judge you.

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  • Some tutorial...

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