How To Make Homemade Eggnog

Today I show you how to make homemade Eggnog. This Eggnog is incredibly tasty! You'll absolutely LOVE it! It only takes a couple minutes to make, and only requires a few simple steps to be followed. This is the perfect drink to have on Christmas day! The whole family will thoroughly enjoy it. Merry Christmas!
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    • asele daño al pero

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    • Merry Christmas from the future even though it's not December yet!😅

    • :D

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    • I love how the comment is so calming

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    • Shahzaib husain

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  • That was horrible .

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  • What the hell did I just watch!

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  • Is anyone going to give me 2 minutes of my life back?

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  • Wtf was this ? Lol

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  • It’s funny because you know that all of the dislikes are from people that actually wanted to know how to make eggnog just to watch in horror as he dives into a fucking toilet.

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  • Egg nogs

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  • music?

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  • You have a shit ton of eggs

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  • I dont think id make my egg nog this way

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  • This is the only video i found that dont separate the yokes from the whites

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  • I love you

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    • u for real? then eww disgustibg.

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  • me at 2:01

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  • What the... FUCK???

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  • 1:36 thats alot of eggs

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  • Was looking for the best holiday eggnog recipe video but what the fuck did I just watched. I'M HITTING SUBSCRIBE GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Me: sees egg in tittle and immediately knows what’s coming

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  • 0:00-1:29 For Real

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  • Mmm yum thank you howtobasic

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  • I found the egg chsst!

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  • i actually thought this is how eggnog was made

    tobi biosahtobi biosahPirms 24 dienām
  • The ppl he lives with is very lucky XD

    U sus broU sus broPirms 24 dienām
  • He literally has a whole cabinet full of eggs. Okay, let's do the math. A dozen eggs costs around $3. And he has about 30 containers of eggs in that cabinet. So all of that would cost him around $90. So he basically wasted $90 worth of eggs. AWESOME!

    Shampoo SharkShampoo SharkPirms 25 dienām
  • remember kids when htb says e g g something eggsterious is gonna happen

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  • This is the first time ever that Howtobasic Legit made his food, like he cooked eggs then blended them into an eggnog it just turned to the drink, maaaaaaaan that’s so cool

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  • The channel must be HowToMakeMess

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  • i want to see the comments of people who came to a howtobasic video expecting what the title says

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  • Those 122k people who liked this video are a bunch of assholes how could they even like it this guy just destroyed those food sources which could have been helpful to others, I can't believe it the world has changed and I'm pretty sure there would be a scarcity of food within 10 years if this dude keeps going like this

    • @Trip ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no

    • @KRATOS MASSCARE "srsly", yeah seriously, you literally have 9 comments on this channel. If you dont like the content then dont watch it.

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    • @Trip srsly

    • Your obsessed with this guy lmao, take a break with the comments. Its his own money dude.

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  • What if someone actually did what Howtobasic was doing?

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  • 1.36 that's why the eggs are too expensive

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  • This will trigger the lives of OCD

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  • Did you guys notice that dog in the first cupboard he opened?

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  • 2:03 how to make fried eggnog! ✌️

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  • I nevr had eggnog and was planning to make one to taste because I like egg and now u have ruined it and I will nevr have it

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  • I feel bad for the chickens!

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  • 2:16 nasty

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  • So he keeps his stashes in the cupboards, weird

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  • Wth?

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  • 1:37 The secret have been revealed of eggs.

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  • The fuck is wrong with this dude? Is he fine? Go get help dude

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    • He is fine, only that his "character", I just clarify, is like this

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  • Degeneracy on steroids.

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  • WTH is going on TF did I just watch

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  • I love the desciptsion

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  • *Of course Eggnog is an Egg too*

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  • well he does use eggs....

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  • 1:52 that scared me

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  • At first i thought it was a legit video. But then i was like why is he letting his dog eat the eggnog and for some reason the dog was in the kitchen cabinet... aaand when he threw the first egg is when the realization hit and i instantly looked at the channel name

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  • I feel like everytime you see the text on screen it should be followed by "or else"

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  • reminds me of the chocolate eggnog

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  • I knew he was going to destroy it but I only came here so I can get glisp of egg nog

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  • Australia in a few years: *suffers from national egg shortage* HowToBasic: 👀

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  • I mean like I keep saying that... maybe he could teach us useful stuff but it ends with a disaster.!!!

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  • He's a really good tutorial channel, he just has this... problem.

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  • 1:37 damn did you saw that egg collection

  • So Cool

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