How To Make Banana Bread

Today I show you how to make banana bread. Banana bread is one of my favourite things to make due to how easy it is. No previous cooking/baking experience is required - and it only takes a couple minutes to make. This banana bread will go down a real treat. Enjoy!
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    • Ok

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    • How to make carrot cake uusi

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    • How to make carrot cake

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  • Just push the banana through the bread.

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  • You really waste too much food you don't know there are too many peoples who do not get food you call give them

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  • please say all of the food that you are waisting is expired :/

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  • Gordon Ramsay would be proud of your techniques

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  • 1:10 I skipped 20 seconds and I ended up on this. 1:30

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  • 1:30 Nice ASMR

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  • Cashier: oh god lemme guess eggs again How2basic: BANANA AND BREAD

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  • Imagine how many starving children those bananas could have eaten

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    • I can’t tell if this a typo or a joke

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  • 2:24 The banana version of how to basic

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  • Every time he's been hurt by the food he start destroying it hahaha its funny 😂😂but bro dont waste foods 😑😶☹

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  • hey this is what my granma makes when she tries to cook

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  • He lost it when he drop the bread.

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  • looks normal... nvm

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  • 2:57 subcribe pewdiepie

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  • Is he dead?

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  • Bro u r nice in cooking why won't u make a another cooking channel. But don't do these fun it's just a advice OK if u want make it.

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  • Are u actually Vsauce

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  • I straight geek'd out when he dropped the mixture...😜😝

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  • 1:30 ASMR

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  • Howtobasic : lets make a new video! His shovel : oh shit

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  • 2/1 year ago: 2018 10/1 months & week ago: 2019-2020

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  • HowToBasic: * destroying bananas * one guy from africa: hey

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  • Hey I cooked this for my fam and sadly they kicked me out of the house bc they didn't like it 😔😔😔

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  • this guy is a really good cook when he isn't screwing around

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  • 1:36 that ASMR sounds

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  • 1:19 When it's Thrusday 1:19 When it's Friday

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  • Imagine ur friend during a party serves this.

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  • マジ死んだ方がいい 目の前でこんなことされたら殴りかかってた (バナナ教より)

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  • I already know how to make banana bread but I was looking for some more recipes that are different and I found this

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  • Banana bread

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  • Im like your channel, but dont do it with bred. Ok?)

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  • Things to realize : This is an ASMR video But also some unlogical like he just put the banana trash inside the oven without setting it up!

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  • This makes sense 🍌 + 🍞

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  • 1:31 That's what good 😺 sounds like Sorry I'll go-😔💀

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  • No banana was harmed in the making of dis video.

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  • Fun fact howtobasic is always pantless!

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  • Someone has anger issues

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  • I'm trying to make the recipe (Obviously not the destruction part haha) and it's in the oven rn I tried some of the batter and it was good! I'll edit this comment when its done baking to say how it turned out 😳 oh yeah also I've been wanting to try these for a while because howtobasic seems like a great chef/baker before he destroys the meals lol Edit: Okay so I made it and it came out more of a cake texture than bread. I'm waiting for it to cool down so I can eat it :p it does look pretty good though, I wouldnt mind eating a banana cake! I'm excited to try it ^-^ Edit again: I had some about an hour ago (I forgot to edit the comment) and it was SO GOOD. The texture was spongey and chewy but it tasted so good. I cut a strawberry, and sprinkled some powdered sugar on it and it was so tasty! I'm totally making this again in the future 😳😳 bye for now!

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  • Wait this video is asmr video

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  • 1:19 when your fingers are made of butter edit: also when your little brother sneaks up and pushes you so hard

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