How To Properly Wash Your Hands

Today I show you how to properly wash your hands. 90% of people don't wash their hands correctly - resulting in germs and viruses spreading like wildfire. Follow the step by step instructions to learn the correct hand washing procedure and you'll ensure that you kill 100% of all germs on your hands. Help put an end to the spread of coronavirus and other nasty viruses! Watch the video then pass it on to a loved one. Be wise. Be safe. Wash your hands regularly.
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  • If you don't know how to wash your hands correctly you may be doing more harm than good. *Please consider sharing this video with a loved one to help combat the spread of the virus*

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  • How about next time you don’t use a dirty towel to dry your hands

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  • How to kill 100% of germs Step One - Wash your hands Step Two - Wash your hands again

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  • How to be clean???? Scrub your body with an omelette

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  • Actually you should technically rinse before wash to remove any loose particles. This is because soap can be hindered in strength if dirt or mud are on your hands, so rinse before wash. Also, oil substances would probable be a better idea to be used as a placeholder for germs considering the cell membrane is composed of phospholoids, which are a type of oil and make it resistant to being washed away by water

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  • i learn not wash your hand with soap. wash your hands and also legs with eggs

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  • Howtobasic is rlly good but he pause the video and get some dirty hands

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  • 0:29 as about 30 seconds to wash hands 1:02 as about 60 seconds to wash hands 1:17 as about 90 seconds to wash hands 1:24 as about 120 seconds to wash hands 1:32 as about 150 seconds to wash hands 1:48 as about 180 seconds to wash foot 1:57 as about 210 seconds to wash hands 2:06 as about throw an egg in sink 2:07 as about throw egg and wash foot 2:13 as about throw egg in mirror 2:14 wash sink with dirty hands 2:15 wash hands in eggs in sink 2:21 wash hands with coke 2:25 apply your hands with wet tissue

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  • New virus HTBVIRUS

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